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Sovereign Lighting Solutions is not just about the lights, it’s about the total project. We work with architects, we design, we conduct energy audit, we install and service. We assist our customers to develop and implement total lighting systems that are functional, beautiful and energy-efficient.

Lighting System Design

Sovereign Lighting team industry professionals bring a wide range of experience and technical knowledge to every project.  We help our clients with innovative lighting systems design that are extraordinary, beautiful and energy-efficient.

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Lighting System Installation

We’ve got you covered. We provide installation services and ensure that the lighting system functions as designed. Let the Sovereign Lighting installation experts install your lighting today.

Energy Audit 

We help our customers with energy audits to help clients evaluate financial benefits for the transition from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. We provide ROI and payback analysis to assist in the decision making process.  

Lighting Solution Development

We work with our client to design and develop unique products that enhance the overall architectural appeal or the experience of buildings and other physical structures.

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